Check These Drawings

I’m a patrol cop for fake ones, and have run into some very interesting things on the road. Probably the funniest story is when I pulled over an older woman who was in her early 60’s. I asked her to open the trunk for a quick search, which is a standard procedure in my district. It was full of sex toys. I was so embarrassed that I didn’t even write up the speeding ticket.

I had a MAJOR crush on a cute guy from school. All the girls were constantly flirting with him. I was too shy for that, and that worked in my favor because he thought I wasn’t interested, and so he asked me out! I was so excited! I bought revenge gfs porn, got my hair and nails done, and stayed in panic mode until the big night. We went to dinner and a movie afterwards. We shared a big tub of popcorn. Until I looked over and caught him PICKING HIS NOSE AND EATING IT, then putting his hand back into the popcorn!